Dear eHealth Ontario, come again now?

Today, eHealth Ontario issued a RFP  titled “Predictive Economic Modelling for EHEALTH Benefits” – Where do I begin?

They further elaborate by stating: “submit proposals for a health economics benefit evaluation model and methodology to be used to predict the quantitative benefits of an EHEALTH Ontario clinical program.” – Who wrote this?

Let’s start. Which clinical program are they talking about? Is it their Diagnostic Imaging, Drug Profile Viewer, Medication Management System, OLIS or Physician eHealth program? They can’t possibly be asking for a model that will cover ALL of the above programs, are they? Let’s discuss.  

I’m glad eHealth Ontario is looking for “quantitative benefits” – which I think is great – to see if the numbers make sense, or not.

So, what type of “economic model” are they looking for? Is it cost benefit, cost effectiveness or cost utility analyses? 

What criteria are they looking to quantify? Monetary, productivity or quality adjusted life years?

Who’s perspective are they using? Clients, Providers, Government?

I’m guessing by “Predictive Economic Modelling for EHEALTH Benefits”, they really mean a Health Economics Evaluation for each of the eHealth projects they have funded to date. I may be wrong, but I do not believe there is a “one size fits all” type of analysis for all their programs.

How I interpret this RFP:

eHealth Ontario is looking to acquire experts to conduct an evaluation analysis – with solid methodology and good data – for informed-decision making, which I think is an absolute must at this stage of the game – OLIS anyone? As a tax paying citizen, I support this endeavour.

My perception is that they don’t quite know what they are asking for – although the intention is there – however, I think more direction and organizational clarity is needed… perhaps pilot one program area. Dear RFP requester, sit down with experts and figure out what what you want to measure and what to look for.

Here is a great free resource for Health Systems Evidence.



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